Shamanism, Medicine Wheel and the Way of the Heart


California Mountain Lion
Through His eyes I see Possibilities

With Them I learned Unconditional Love

My Teacher of Beauty

The Eyes of My Past

Brown Bear
My Brother Keith's Totem

One of His Family Opened my Heart

Some of My Spirit Helpers

The Golden Eagle
Warrior Guide

SHAMANISM - Although the term comes from a native Siberian people's language, anthropologist have adopted it to describe a range of spiritual beliefs and practices which are many thousands of years old and which are found, in one form or another, among the Native Peoples of every continent.

From the Shamanic point of view everything that is Natural on the Earth is Alive and Conscious. Tree, Wolf, Otter, Crystal, Fire, Dolphin, Eagle, Wind, All have a Wisdom and Consciousness that we can communicate with and tap. As humans, we are a very young species and therefore need the guidance of those who are Older and Wiser than the Human Clan. All the Other Beings on Earth have an evolutionary history longer than our own. They have watched us evolve, indeed, many tribal peoples consider the Animal and Plants of the Earth to be our Grandparents, and the Minerals of the Earth to be our Great Grandparents.

On the Shamanic Path we seek guidance from and communication with all the Beings of Nature. Furthermore, because we understand that Earth Mother is Alive and Conscious, we Revere and Honor Her as the Giver and Sustainer of life. The Shamanic path leads us into a loving relationship with Earth Mother. We can Look to Her for guidance, comfort and well being, for She is our Mother.

From a Shamanic world view, All of Earth Mother's children are related. We are Brother and Sister to the Wolves and to the Wind, to the Fire and the Birds. We are all One Great Family, they are All Our Relations.


Power animals are an integral component of Shamanic practice. They are the Helping Spirit which add to the power of the Shaman and are essential for success in any venture undertaken by the Shaman.

Shamans work with the understanding that everyone has Power Animals. Animal spirits reside with each individual adding to their personal power and protecting them from illness and mishap, acting similarly to a guardian angel. Each Power Animal that you have increases your personal ability to avoid physical, emotional and mental imbalance by reducing the amount of external energies that affect your well being. The Spirits also lend you the wisdom of its Kind. A Hawk spirit will give you Hawk Wisdom, and lend you some of the attributes of Hawk.

Mayra's training and Personal Medicine has many expressions and roots but she usually uses the Medicine Wheel as the starting point for each healing relationship. The Medicine Wheel is a powerful symbol of Peaceful Interaction among all living beings on Mother Earth - it represents Harmony, Balance and Connections. Where an Individual stands in the Wheel as it relates to Their Place in Life determines the type of Shamanic tool that is used.

Each Shaman, Medicine Person, Visionary or Healer practices the Medicine that identifies them, the Power that has been offered them by Spirit. There are many expressions of Creators Vision and each of them are correct, there is no One Way, Right Way, Only Way. Diversity is the Dream of Creator, Look around you.

Healing Begins and Ends with YOU, so the tools you choose to use and experience will be those that "call" you. Open your Heart and let the Beauty of Creator assist your Awakening.


My Grandmothers Totem

My Mothers Totem

One of His Family Showed me the Face of Creator and the value of life.


White Tiger
With Her I found Courage

Great Blue Heron
My Teacher of Stillness

Great Snowy Owl
My Teacher of Shadows

My Doorway to Other Worlds

Bearded Vulture
My Teacher in the Mysteries of Creation

Mountain Gorilla
My Teacher in the Mystery of Hope

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