Earth Apothecary®

Consultations and Prices
for On Site Services

Earth Apothecary® Services

with Mayra

Essential Oil and Herb Consultation
30 min ------------------------- $75.00
60 min-------------------------- $140.00

Discover which essential oils or herbs can assist in your Health and Spiritual Journey.

Shamanic/Spiritual Counseling
1 Hour Session -------------------------- $150.00

Shamanic Energy Re-Integration and Clearing---- $175.00
This is an ancient Shamanic Technique used to reintegrate energy from past experiences that leave us feeling scattered, depleted, or unsettled. The reintegration process allows us to work with more of our "Self" in daily life.
In the process we can remove energies that have attached themselves to the body or etheric fields causing heaviness, depression, distraction and in some cases physical illness.

You do not have to be present for this service, distance is not a limitation.

Quantum Energy Balancing and Wellness
Initial Consultation----$250
Additional Consultation---- $150
21st century Shamanism. Quantum Balancing and more... Move into a new level of Self Awareness leading to Balance and Joy.

Reiki Table Session----------- $50.00
Universal Energy Healing which directs itself where you need it the most.

Perfume Replacement-------- $175.00 plus cost of oils
Use life giving and nurturing essential oils instead of toxic life endangering perfumes. Create your scent, create your life.
The cost of essential oils are not included.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Earth Apothecary® Services

with Rose

All Natural Facial
Body Care Products

Light & Color Facial Rejuvenation ------------------------------$150.00

Using the latest technology in micro-current and light, this facial smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, firms skin tone and improves skin texture. It also Balances your Inner Being.

This process includes many steps - please allow 1 1/2 -2 hours for session

6 Treatments (recommended) --- $750.00
10 Treatments--------------------- $1250.00




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