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All-in-One Revitalizing Face Cream: One cream that does it all! This wonder cream works as an anti-aging, rejuvenating and moisturizing cream that will protect your skin from harmful UV rays leaving you looking and feeling soft and smooth. The all natural ingredients are formulated to reverse the sings of damaged skin. Whether you want to maintain your youthful appearance or return to it, this botanically based blend will work magic for you. (for all skin types) $35.00 per oz

Dream Cream: Everything you find in the Revitalizing face cream with the addition of Blue Lotus Oil this takes you to a new level of beauty! $65 per oz

Ingredients: Organic Butters and Milks enhanced with Vitamins, minerals and medicinal grade essential oils

FACE SOAPS $8.00 - 13 each

Oatmeal: Deep cleaning and exfoliating. Our blend will lift off dead skin cells to reveal your fresh, healthy skin. (for all skin types)

Ingredients: plant glycerin, oatmeal and MGEO

Aloe: This mild blend of aloe vera and medicinal grade essential oils will leave your skin feeling light and refreshed. (for all skin types)

Ingredients: plant glycerin, aloe vera and lavender essential oil

Glycerin: Use this safe and simple soap to cleanse even the most sensitive skin.

Ingredients: plant glycerin

Astringents: These Astringents cleanse skin of impurities and balance your skin’s natural PH. Made of organic herbs, medicinal grade essential oils, witch hazel or food grade alcohol bases. This is the most non-toxic way to clean and tone your skin. Please specify skin type when purchasing. $20.00

Dry Skin
Normal Skin
Oily Skin
Acne Prone Skin


Rose kept trying to get secrets everywhere, even the camel drivers!



The Earth supplies all we need to keep us Young, Healthy and Vital.
We utilize old traditions, modern science and ancient formulas to create our totally natural and organic facials and beauty products.
From Africa, Europe, Australia, the Americas and all the islands in between we have searched for the best techniques and plants to use for your health and rejuvenation.
Come experience what cannot be described in words but only in results.
How you look and how you feel are the roots of the attitude you have in life. Make the roots strong, pliable and full of life and energy.

Rose searches everywhere for beauty secrets.
The ancient Egyptians had many and she will find them.


Light & Color Facial Rejuvenation ------------------------------$125.00

Using the latest technology in micro-current and light, this facial smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, firms skin tone and improves skin texture. Balances your Inner Being.

6 Treatments (recommended) $690.00
12 Treatments----------------- $1200.00

Ear Candleing------------------------------------------------------$45.00


Prices subject to change without notice our full line is not represented here please call for more info.


Dead Sea Mud Cleansing Mask: This clarifying mask, used once a week stimulates circulation while cleaning and tightening pores to remove and prevent impurities. (for all skin types) $20

Ingredients: Dead Sea mineral mud and medicinal grade essential oils.

Body Lotion: Our creamy lotion is designed to condition, moisturize, soften and protect skin for that silky, smooth feel. (for all types of skin)
Ingredients: Organic Butters, Organic Milks, cold pressed organic oils and medicinal grade essential oils.
4oz -$16
8 oz- $28

Shea Butter/Carrot Seed Body Lotion: Our creamy lotion is designed to condition and protect skin during extreme weather conditions. ( for all types of skin)
2 oz - $50



Sometimes one has to take drastic measures to discover the Truth. At the foot of the Sphinx some Secrets were revealed.



Rose, sneaking through the temple square.

















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