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Reiki Healing and Meditation Every Friday
Come relax and receive the Universal Healing Energy offered by the wonderful Practitioners of the Center. Once the we begin the Circle the doors are locked. Please call if you are going to be delayed. 954-921-7808
Start Time:7:30 PM

Usui Reiki Levels I , II and Master
Reiki is an Ancient form of Energy Healing that originates in Tibet. Dr. Mikao Usui was chosen to receive this information from Spirit and gift it to those ready to receive. This is a powerful energy that benefits the Practitioner as well as the Receiver. Reiki is a transformative experience, a gift for your Self and those you love. We teach Reiki as a Spiritual Practice as well as a healing modality. 954-921-7808
Level I - $175
Level II - $300
Master Trainee - $500
Master Teacher - $300

Light Karuna Level I & II
Light Karuna is an Advanced Reiki System created in the United States by Usui Reiki Masters who received symbols through their meditations with instructions for their use. This Energy builds upon the Usui Energy and increases the flow. Must be an Usui Reiki Master.
Cost $300 each level
call 954-921-7808

Light Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
For individuals that have completed levels I&II.
Cost $350
call 954-921-7808

Pineal Activation
The Pineal is the "third eye" connection of our mind. Unfortunately, due to the conditions of our modern world the pineal gland becomes calcified and retricts our ability to fully engage our human potential. This process decalcifies and activates the pineal. very limited space.
Cost: $125

Move through the Ascension process gracefully & more easily with an attunement that activates 100% of your brain & prepares you to journey home to the original moment you came into existence to your I AM Presence! Activate your Light body (Merkaba) & integrate the energy smoothly while opening your sacred heart chakra.

There are many tools available today for self empowerment. Oracles are an ancient method of checking with our Higher/Oneness Self to clarify thoughts, situations, decisions and our life journey. Dowsing is an ancient art using pendulums & rods to speak to our Selves.

The Joy of Living- Creating Life!
We have learned Habits that keep us from being filled with Joy. We will explore the Art of Creating new Paradigms that will replace old habits of Sadness with New Habits of JOY!

Beyond the Boundaries of Death
What is "death" and why are we so controlled by the fear of this very natural fact. The root of all religion is the attempt to understanding what we are and why death happens. We will explore how we live our life in relationship to this ending and maybe discover the expansion of this transition.

Mastery of Life
The internal Journey of Self Discovery leading to deeper awareness of our world view and interpretation.

Releasing Stress
Stress is the primary cause of Physical dis-ease and Spiritual dis-harmony. By discovering the origins of your stress and applying stress releasing techniques, you are Re-Empowering your Life and Spirit. The primary causes of Personal Stress are very seldom recognized by the individual because the most damaging stress is that which" we have learned to live with" and so is invisible. This is a day of self discovery and release

Healing with Movement
How do you eliminate a headache, depression, body aches, fatigue, anger, etc. There are many simple movements that allow the energy of the body to realign and find balance. As you explore some of the movements it will open the possibility to discover the needs of your body and spirit as they heal in motion.

Women's Drumming
Native american frame drumming and chanting for women around the Full and New Moon.

Relationships - New 2012-2013 series
Fear, anger, imbalance, war, greed and hatred are the underlying frequencies that damage human relationships. In order to discover how these affect our lives we must create the skills to see them. This series will be covering friendships, family, spouses, co-workers, and our relationship with Nature.

Eating Your Way to Health
Our lack of relationship with Nature and Food has caused an epidemic of ill health in this country. These classes are aimed at assisting you to create a healthy diet and learn the use of herbs and spices in your food to create wellness.

Plant Medicine
The use of Plants as Medicine is as old as the human species. The connection between the plant world and our vibrational existence holds a key to our Inner Awakening. Each plant has a different Spirit and learning to connect with them opens an endless universe of possibilities. From protection to inspiration each plant has a medicine to offer. Using Essential Oils and whole Herbs we begin to understand our relationship. This class is a 7 hour introduction over two days.

Stone Medicine
Stones are the Body of the Earth. They are part of the intricate weave of this Creation. Have you every wondered why you are drawn to a certain kind of stone or gem? It is because Stones are alive and they communicate with us through our Earth Connection. Stones have been used in Earth Medicine since the beginning of human evolution. They are very powerful and want to help in our healing; physical, emotional and spiritual. This class will assist you in opening new ways to communicate with this vast world.

Dimensional Exploration: Becoming the Antenna for the Future
The Nine Dimensions of existence is a model that explains the energetic realms which make up our Universe. Using information that has come from many sources we will explore each Dimension, attune with it and Experience it from our 3rd Dimensional Frequency brining each of us into full Harmony with Creation. This work is imperative in the awakening process offered by the Shift of Ages, our Evolutionary possibility.
Time: Saturday and Sunday

Shamanic Healing
The Shaman's world is filled with energy techniques and practices that assist us in spiritual and physical healing. Dreams and Visions speak to each of us from a realm of our Inner LandScape. Understanding our messages helps us create our future path.

Journey Through Your Ancient Gateways
Using ancient shamanic techniques you will move through your Akashic records and open a new understanding of your place in the world. Discover the history of your relationships and how the past is linked to the present. No charge for extra baggage.

Mask Making
This Ancient Earth Medicine enables you to bring "out" what is "within". The "Mask" represents many aspects of our Selves that may be hidden. This is an opportunity to look at your Self and Honor the Strength of You. The Mask then becomes a tool for Self Transformation and Healing. This class requires a two days. Saturday evening and Sunday.

Crystal/Stone Healing
Using Crystals and Stones to balance the energetic field of the body while using massage, Reiki or other modalities enhances the overall healing potential for the individual. We will experience different grid patterns and combinations of stones and crystals as well as understanding the properties they enhance.
It will be a day of fun, healing and experiencing.

Square Foot Gardening
You can create a garden anywhere. Provide food for your Body and Soul with simple techniques that require very little space. Maybe you can create a neighborhood garden and bring people together. Explore and grow more than food.

Frequency 2011
Tune into the changing times with the use of Light & Color, Sound, and Frequencies. The Human Body and Spirit create a Dynamic relationship which is affected by All Creation. The subtleties of Energy in many forms can change our Balance in both positive and negative ways. Come explore the possibilities that surround you daily.

The Language of Emotion
Emotions hold energy and every emotion that is ignored takes away from your vitality and ability to think. This multi -part course will open the dialogue with yourself to begin reintegrating those emotions and releasing the attachments to the past they represent.

Earth Keepers:
Forbidden History, Archaeology , Science, the Elements and Elementals, the Environment - everthing Earth. Each section covers our relationship with Gaia.

The Mayan Calendar - The Tzolk'in
The Ancient Maya left us many treasures, the greatest is the Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar. It is not a calendar of time but of Energy and specifically the energies that affect our Lives. Learning the true flow of energy is the most life altering information we can receive. Becoming the Tzolk'in is the conscious path to Freedom.

Maya Life - Teachings from the Elders
The Maya walk with Dignity, Humility and Compassion leaving the world a better place. Through Ceremony we awaken our relationship with Creator and Gaia. I will be sharing the teachings imparted to me by Maya Elders of Itza. Each class will offer a deeper understanding of our relationship with ourselves and each other.

Full Moon Ceremony - KAY NIKTE'
As we come together to celebrate the Full Moon energy and the Solar Spiritual Forces we participate with thousands of Maya in ceremony throughout the Americas and unite our energies with theirs to create a web of Light. It is a time to reconcile our relationship with the great Mother Earth and these ceremonies allow us to awaken once again to her majesty.

Creating Your Medicine Wheel
Life is a series of Seasons and motions. The Medicine Wheel allows us to walk our Life in a Conscious way. Each direction of the compass expresses a different energy and position in our Self. We will travel the Sun around the Earth, discovering new ideas and hidden places. The path begins here but the Way is with You.
Pre registration Required due to limited space.

A Shamanic Path - Intro
The world is changing faster than we can think applying Shamanic approaches to life will assist you in creating the future. We begin by understanding the Way the Shaman sees the world.

Psychic Development:
Beyond our five senses is the Oneness of All Creation. In this Wave of Energy there is No Fear and All is possible. Moving into the Energy of Quantum Possibilities creates an entirely new paradigm of Universal Expressions.

Living the Magical Life - the Principles of Magic or Magic 101
Yes Magick is real - it is everywhere - it is part of everything.

Wholeness Through Nutrition
This class will address the importance of food as the basic element of our emotional, spiritual and physical well being. We are a product of what and how we eat. We will be looking at food combinations, how to purchase, how to identify what is good for us and what is not, the "truth" in marketing and the reality, and much more.
Cost $

Stone Medicine- Stones, Pendulums, & Tools
This Earth Medicine class is designed to assist you in finding, creating and organizing your Sacred Medicine. Sometimes things are not just what they seem.

Discovering the Elemental Realms
There is more to the world than what your eyes see and your ears hear. Remember when you were a child and the world was magic.. before you were told it was all in your head? Well is wasn't and it is time to rediscover what has be lost.

Sacred Geometry
The designs of exalted holy places from the prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, to the world's great cathedrals, mosques, and temples are based on these same principles of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a Doorway Into our Sacred Self.

Mysteries of the Blue Lotus
Inspired by the work of Egyptian Mystery School this course moves into the subtle world of Energy and Magic. The delicate Mysteries held within the Heart of the Blue Lotus which were gifted by the Mysterious Old Race to the Ancient Egyptians and Maya People.

Quantum Entanglement - The Key to Spiritual Expansion (series)
QE explains the impossibly possible and breaks the chains of fabricated time. We need to fracture the paradigms that limit us to the linear, dogmatic, amd diminishihng social forms that have blinded us to our relationship with Nature and our Galactic Community.

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