Zapping YOUR Comfort Zone

Pondering the Possibilities and Realities of our Journey

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Violence of Any Kind, great or infinitesimal, is the expression of Fear caused by the Separation from our Selves, our Inner Light. The unkind Word, the demeaning and dehumanizing statement, the verbal judgment of another, the Need to have More than others, the Need to be Stronger than others, the Need to be Better than others, these are just a few violent acts that are practiced everyday by the species called Human, as it runs from Itself.

The only way to Learn is to Observe and Listen in Silence, To Practice what we have Learned and allow others to Reflect our Progress.

Do for the Doing, not the reward.

There was great fear because of information that has been wrongly translated claiming the Ancient Maya Calendar predicts the End of the World - but no one has asked the Maya. The Elders have been trying to correct this false statement but too many western religions need the world to end so that their bible will be validated.

The great injustice is the Beauty that is being hidden by fear. The Mayan Calendar speaks of the Stars, of the Frequencies of the Universe, of Changes in our Consciousness but not of destruction. It is a tool for spiritual evolution and reawakening our relationship with Nature.

The Tzolk'in is a guide to understanding ourselves and Creation - learning the Path of Harmony. Since the world did not end this may be an opportunity to begin becoming the solution. To step outside of religious limitation and move into Spiritual Expansion and Freedom.

Every breath is a choice to live in Joy or Fear... it is up to you.



Wake up and Become part of the Solution!

Creation can be described as a Tree. The Roots spread wide and receive from the compost of Infinite Possibilities the nutrients of Life that travel up the Trunk of Balance to the Branches of Expression. The Leaves and Flowers that spring out from the Branches offer a glimpse into the Beauty of the Divine Heart as some of the Infinite Possibilities are given Form for a time, then drop to the ground and transform once again, into the Compost of Universal Expression.

All Sound is Sacred as it represents the Speech of Creation. What Sounds are you making? and What are you Creating? These two questions are the keys to the reality of the Future. Stop, Listen to Your Self and create with Consciouse Awareness.



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